Monday, 9 December 2013

Love Thy Liver

It’s the time of the year when there will be more alcohol going thru the body than usual.  From Christmas parties, counting down to the New Year.. and before the body can heave a relief with a tata to the last bit of residual alcohol, pretty soon, it’s time for yam seng at Chinese New Year dinners.  The liver needs protection!


This is one popular recipe to nourish the over-working liver.  I accidently came across this soup when I was having “yum cha” in Hong Kong.  The soup is soothingly delicious, with a hint of citrusy taste.  It is supposed to help clear liver ‘heat’, expel liver toxin, and promote a healthy liver

So what is this odd-sounding herb..and does it look just as odd?  And what about the rest of the ingredients that make up the soup?

  • Chicken Bone Grass
  • Pig liver and/or pork – I didn’t want to much of a liver-tasting soup, so I added a chunk of pork and reduced the portion of pig liver.  No, I didn’t use this entire chunk of liver as in the picture..just a 2cm-wide sliver.
  • Red date
  • Tangerine peel
  • Ginger - slices

How to:
a.     Wash the liver/pork block.  Cut liver into thin pieces.  Leave the pork block as is.
b.     Rinse the chicken bones herb and put all ingredients into a pot
c.     I normally do not like salt in my soup, but a slightly added salt sharply enhanced the taste of the soup

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